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Wine is a food, one of the purest…a natural product of sun, soil and water. It has been a part of our civilization for 7,000 years, as complex as the men and women who make it, and yet as simple as the pleasure of those who taste it for the first time. It has been raised to the level of a sacrament in some religions, and to the divine itself in others.

Viticulture, the growing of grapes to make wine, is just what the word says—a culture whole and entire, in and of itself. And the Celani family is proud to be a part of it, as they transfer the rich Italian traditions of their forefathers to the ideal climate and soil of California in a meeting of the best of the Old and New Worlds.

The Napa Valley is America’s premiere wine growing region and one of the greatest in the world. A dazzling array of soil types and a maritime climate, cooled in summer and warmed in winter by the Pacific Ocean, yield a great diversity of grape types and wine varieties.

Among the most celebrated are Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, three noble grapes that have all of the potential to make not just good, but great wines.
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