' 2005 Ardore Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
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The Celani Family Vineyard’s prestige wine Ardore is a Cabernet Sauvignon, matured in fine French oak barrels where the lees are allowed to settle to the bottom as the wine is filtered naturally by its own weight, and is never stripped of any of its fragrance and flavor. The grapes used to create Ardore come from the most respected farms in the Napa Valley. Even then, all of the grapes that are bought for Ardore are not used since they do not meet the high standards of our winemaker. Even after the selection of the best grapes in the Valley, further testing in the barrel is conducted by our winemaker to ensure that the grapes have the proper characteristics to be selected for the Ardore final blend. We will never compromise the quality of this fine wine.

Ardore has a taste as complex as the poetry of a man’s native language, that can never quite be captured in any tongue but his own. The word “ardore” means “passion” in Italian, the love of a man for a woman – or for the work he does, of the winemaker for the vineyard – or the vintner for the wine.

The same care lavished on the winemaking of the Celani Family Vineyard's Ardore has been taken with its presentation. Its bottle has been custom-made in France by Saver Glass to the Celani family’s high standards, with a luxurious magnum size. This is the largest custom designed 750ml bottle that Saver Glass has ever produced. The bottle features a custom punt reminiscent of bottles from the 1800s. The all natural 54mm cork is produced by Ganau and imported from their private forest in Sardinia, Italy. The label, by well known Napa artist, Jeffrey Caldewey is reminiscent of all the carefully wrought details of beautiful antique cigar labels.

We believe Ardore is a special wine that is best when given proper thought and consideration before drinking. It is not a wine to be pulled out of the cellar and consumed quickly. To be enjoyed to its fullest we recommend:

Removing the bottle from your cellar and bringing it to room temperature (70 degrees approximately) a minimum of 24 hours before drinking.

Decant at least one hour before consumption. Do not be afraid to be aggressive in turning the bottle upside down, causing it to splash into the decanter and so properly oxygenate the wine.

Pour and enjoy!

“The best bottle of Ardore I’ll ever have is an empty one.”
—Tom Celani, Proprietor


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